Welcome to the Trongeo Flock page. if you would like to join, please follow this form: Name|| Role|| Clouds. Clouds are years. Names MUST NOT include Smoke, Cloud, Tron, Trongeo, Thunder or Lightning because these are the main Flocks.

==Territory== Trongeo Flock lives in a large cave filled with pure jade. They have no need to worry about weather, for their cave shelters them. Their water source is a narrow stream that flows through the cave halfway, where it drops underground as a waterfall. The cave is particularly dark at any given time, but the forest outside is always well lit. Prey here are rabbits, birds, deer and foxes. They are a Flock of the rich and greedy, and will stop nothing to gain more power. They are never satisfied with what they have.


Leader: NA Leaders Mate: NA Leadette: NA Elders: NA Guards: NA Warriors: NA Nurslys: NA Dragonettes: NA Hatchlings: NA