Welcome to the Smoke Flock page. if you would like to join, please follow this form: Name|| Role|| Clouds. Clouds are years. Names MUST NOT include Smoke, Cloud, Tron, Trongeo, Thunder or Lightning because these are the main Flocks.


Smoke Flock lives in a volcano that has been drained of its lava, however, it still has smoke rising from its huge crater. Their water source is whatever puddles they can manage to find, for their territory is to hot for any main source like a pond, stream, river or lake. Prey here is also whatever they can find. No matter the season, prey here is scarce. Their only territory is the hot, dry, harsh plains surrounding their volcano. This is the Flock of the strong and powerful. They stop at nothing for success, and are the most vicious and terrifying of the Flocks.


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