Flesh: GRRRRRRRR! ROARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Translation: ACKKKKKKKKKK! GET OUT OF HERE! OK! That was real awkward... But nevermind that! Flesh has always been a little crazy.

What's This

Welcome. This is the page that tells you all the general information about Rouges & Loners. Here you will find the list of current Rouges & Loners. If you would like to be a Rouge or Loner, please follow this form: Name|| Role|| Clouds. Clouds are years. Names MUST NOT include Smoke, Cloud, Tron, Trongeo, Thunder or Lightning because these are the main Flocks. PLEASE, remember if you are a rouge or loner, that you are considered an enemy and can be killed by any member of any Flock.

Rouges & Loners List

Rouges: NA Loners: NA