Welcome to the Lightning Flock page. If you would like to join, please follow this form: Name|| Role|| Clouds. Clouds are years. Names MUST NOT include Smoke, Cloude, Tron, Trongeo, Thunder or Lightning because these are the main Flocks.


Lightning Flock lives in a dark cave on the side of a mountain. Prey here are birds, wolves, goats, rams and sheep. Their main water source is a large, rushing river that flows through the valley below. Prey here is scarce because not many creatures can survive in the harsh mountain terrain. Thunder Flocks territory contains the mountains and valleys surrounding their cave. The weather here is cold and snowy during any season. To warm up, Thunder Flock dragons must go to the nearby meadow. This is the Flock of the swift and sneaky. They have a serious need for speed, so the slow get left to die outside the borders unless they are an elder.


Leader: Ash|| Leader|| 32 Clouds. Leaders Mate: NA Leadette: NA Elders: NA Guards: NA Warriors: NA Nurslys: NA Dragonettes: NA Hatchlings: NA