This is the page for the Cloud Flock. If you wish to join, please follow this form: Name|| Role|| Clouds. Clouds are years. Names must not include Smoke, Cloud, Tron, Trongeo, Thunder, or Lightning because these are the main Flocks.


The Cloud Flock lives on three different cloud islands. These islands are bone white and very puffy. It never rains on the islands, for they are the highest clouds. Prey on the islands are birds, and for those who want a real challenge, the Cloud Dogs. These dogs inhabited the island 3 Clouds ago. They are just as strong as any dragon, and are vicious, bloodthirsty creatures. No matter the season, prey is plentiful due to the warm climate. The main water source for this Flock is a pond on the first island. Dragons from all three islands must come here to drink because this is the only water on the islands. They are the Flock of the wise and clever. They don't mind helping out other Flocks and are the most peaceful of the Flocks.


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